Dani Vee

Podcaster, English teacher, lit lover and self-confessed nerd. The podcast is a passion  project created because of a love of literature and a desire to get into the minds of authors.


You can find Dani with a head in a book, 

podcasting, eating dark chocolate, drinking camomile tea and hanging from indoor rock climbing walls.

Writing NSW

Writing NSW is the state's leading provider of services to writers. A not-for-profit organisation, Writing NSW have been providing quality support to the writers of our state since 1991.

Special Guest Co-hosts

Adrian Beck

Children's author Adrian Beck  drops in to the podcast for some laughs and mayhem. Adrian specialises in creating chocolate snacks, pranking and game show hosting.

Tim  Harris

Children's author Tim Harris joins Dani as co-host. Tim specialises in being a Trivia Master and a quick wit  with a wild imagination. 

Jack  Heath

Author Jack Heath turns the tables and interviews the interviewer. Jack specialises in deep questions, writing in various genres and his extensive knowledge of the television series 24.

Content  Creators

Beth Bridle

Beth Bridle is an educator accredited at Highly Accomplished with NESA. Beth is the  co-creator of the W&N teaching resources.

Matthew Bryant

Matthew Bryant is a musician and student of music. Matt created the new W&N musical intro and outro. Matthew is the keyboard player in  the band Gravity Stone.

Christopher Dicker

Pianist and composer. Christopher created the soundtrack to Ben Hobson's book Snake Island. This composition was used in Episodes 117-169.

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