Dani Vee

Dani Vee's debut picture book with Larrikin House will be released in 2022.


Dani is host of the popular literary podcast Words and Nerds, where she chats to authors of all genres about the social and political impact of the writing and the writing process, and how literature has the power to change the world.


An English educator, a bookworm since birth and lover of the classics, crime fiction, contemporary fiction, kid lit and everything in between. Don’t even get her started on her love for Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray!


Dani is happiest reading a book underneath a blanket with a cup of tea and a lot of dark chocolate.

My Story

After years of quietly writing, Dani signed a three book deal with Larrikin House where she hopes to write fun and unique stories that are enjoyed by kids and adults. Her debut picture book will be released in 2022.


Words and Nerds Podcast began in 2017 as a creative outlet celebrating the Australian book community. In this time the podcast has celebrated hundreds of episodes, takeovers and spin-offs. The podcast has a huge following and continues to grow. The podcast has been fortunate enough to collaborate with many Australian authors as hosts and co-hosts.


Literary Festivals. The podcast is partnered with Booktopia, Writing NSW and literary festivals Writers Unleashed, Northern Beaches Readers' Festival and Words on the Waves. Dani will be a panelist for the Northern Beaches Readers' Festival and another festival later this year (details to come).