Feedback Sessions

Episode 1:


Author Ben Hobson shares his zero draft and discusses how his writing is shaped by agent feedback and early readers in the drafts that come after.




'Loved  this ep, like listening to a great cafe chat.'

Danielle Burns, listener

'A  great interview.'

G.D. Ison, listener

'Loved it. Please do  another.'

Cassie Hamer, author

'Detailed and fascinating.'

Vu Kasin

'Fabulous idea. Eye-opening and vital for many writers.' 

Southern Cross Crime

'A great episode! Can't wait for the next one.' Nicole Kelly, listener

'Loved hearing Ben talk about the craft of writing. Great interview. Ben's generosity in sharing his process is a gift.'

Philip Barker, listener

'Really interesting discussion about the writing process. Ben is very generous and open with his WIP.'

Adrian Beck, author


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