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  • Dani Vee

4 reasons why I podcast

Love of words, anxiety & being part of something good.

As the podcast celebrates its first birthday, here are some thoughts about why people need creative outlets:

1. A love of words

I've always been drawn to words. From my Golden Books to adult literature, words have always helped me make sense of the world. Words have shaped me, stopped me in my tracks, broken my heart and challenged me to think in new ways. I love the feeling when someone articulates exactly what I have experienced in a new way.

2. Anxiety

Many episodes touch on mental illness, its a conversation I've only recently been comfortable to have. Most days, anxiety sits quietly beside me; I acknowledge its existence but can get on with my day. Sometimes, it shadows me and debilitates me and there have been times I haven't been able to leave the house. The podcast has been a wonderful creative outlet that has surprisingly helped to tame the monster. I know it's going to sit beside me every day, and most days I'm okay with that.

3. A flexible hobby

As a mother of young children, leaving the house on a regular basis for anything but work, is a challenge. This hobby allows me to podcast and edit from home while still making connections with the outside world. Technology win!

4. To be part of something good

I believe that reading can change the world. Reading encourages empathy, a greater understanding of humanity and challenges your thinking. Discussing the books you read, and listening to how they were created is hopefully giving back to the reading and writing community, and encouraging people to read for joy in a time of social media and uncertainty. There has not been a single author I've spoken to , who hasn't inspired thought provoking ideas about the world.