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  • Dani Vee

Book Review: Andrew Hutchinson

One, Andrew Hutchinson

This novel is a mind bending suspenseful read and impossible to put down. I read it in one day. I always think this must be heartbreaking for authors who spend months or years writing their books but it’s a credit to their writing that you put your life temporarily aside to find out what happens next.

At its core it’s a story about finding and losing love and what we discover about ourselves when we are in pain. Every page is suspenseful, offering just enough insight for the reader to try and put the pieces together, and what we discover we discover alongside our protagonist. The idea of finding meaning in life and feeling others’ fear and pain is an interesting one, and how we discover things about the world and ourselves when it is often too late.

It reminded me of the film Memento, although entirely different stories the parallels of a man collecting clues from his past to make sense of his life is ever present.

A wonderfully written novel that conveys the dreamlike, muddled existence of our protagonist. The writing is sparse and tight providing us with exactly what we need to bring us a little closer to finding out how he came to be trapped in his current existence.

Be warned, once you start reading you may not be able to stop.