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  • Dani Vee

Book Review: Bridie Jabour

The Way Things Should Be, Bridie Jabour

The most unique part of this book are the characters. The book is written from multiple character perspectives but each character is not only deeply flawed but reveal aspects of themselves minus any filter. Initially, it leaves you wondering if you even like any of these characters (hint you do!) but the authenticity of the characters is both stunning and brave.

The novel centres around four siblings and their parents and focuses on how millennials perceive marriage and navigate their way around relationships, however it is also about complex relationships with your family and how the ones closest to you are also the ones who can harm you most. The characters are self-destructive, selfish and full of self-doubt; but we feel for them because we’ve been there too - we’ve doubted our relationships, said things we wish we hadn’t, hurt people we’ve loved and forgiven our families for no other reason than because they are our family.

The novel also centres around motherhood and the loss of self as children become adults. Don’t take the characters at face value, they are much more than they appear. A great read.

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