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  • Dani Vee

Book Review: Jack Heath

Hangman, Jack Heath - Adult Fiction

This novel met all my expectations and more. Timothy Blake is one of the most complex characters you will find in a novel. However, rather than the novel being gratuitously violent the reader is exposed to a disturbed and troubled man whose back story, cleverly woven throughout the story, makes us reflect on how we would respond under similar circumstances.

Despite this insight into a psychologically damaged man, there is plenty of gore to whet the appetite of crime fiction and horror lovers. However, beyond the violence lies a tragic story of a man who has compulsions he cannot control and no one to help him control them. It is a credit to Jack Heath that such an individual can be perceived in such an empathetic light; we all have dark thoughts and desires, however most of us don’t act upon them.

Sticking to the crime genre conventions, there are plenty of twists, wrong turns and red herrings. The book, however never lets you put it down. I began reading it Thursday morning and finished Friday night. Timothy Blake will stay with you long after you’ve read it, and a part of you hopes he finds peace.

The complex villain is an interesting character to explore.