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  • Dani Vee

Book Review: Megan Goldin

The Escape Room, Megan Goldin

Set in New York, the book centres around a group of ruthless Wall St bankers who are corrupted by greed and the adrenaline rush of winning deals; not even human lives matter more than money. The parallel narrative tells the story from Sara Hall’s perspective, a young upcoming graduate whose life is severely impacted by her new career and those who reign power over her.

Half the novel is set inside an Escape Room elevator, an overheating claustrophobic metal tomb trapping the bankers inside. Goldin captures the psychological decline of her characters beautifully, pitting then against one another and using their flaws to undo them.

The deeply flawed characters are definitely part of the fun, as well as the terrifying idea of an Escape Room gone wrong. What I loved about the novel was that it explores issues of humanity, corporate culture, misogyny, greed and atonement; as well as the cost of losing your humanity to the corporate dream.

An intense, claustrophobic, fun ride that keeps you up at night, not only because it’s a page turner but I found myself dreaming about it. You may never want to get inside an elevator again!