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  • Dani Vee

Book Review: Michael Pryor

Gap Year In Ghost Town, Michael Pryor

This latest YA fantasy novel by Michael Pryor (also his 38th book!) is a rollicking story about a family of ghost hunters set in Melbourne. The character voices are particularly unique and wonderful, especially Anton whose voice is sarcastically likeable. However, he is no stereotype, he is also thoughtful, gentle and carries emotional baggage. His sidekicks Bec and Rani, two kick-butt gals with talents and quirks of their own - my favourite being Bec’s glass eye which she doesn’t let define her, work alongside Anton as ghost hunting warriors.

Beyond the fun and danger of hunting ghosts, and a possessed human, Pryor explores more serious issues such as loss, culture and human rituals. I love that these issues can either be explored more deeply or the reader can continue forging forward reading for pleasure.

At its core the novel is about family; family loyalty, how friends become family, and how they impact who you become.

A fun ghost hunting experience for late primary to middle secondary students who are competent readers. A joyful experience!