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  • Dani Vee

Book Review: Paige Toon

Five Years From Now, Paige Toon

This lovely novel begins with the idea that we shouldn’t be afraid of where we are right now because in five years from now everything will be altered.

The novel spans the entangled and parallel lives of Nell and Van for more than forty years. It’s not a straightforward love story but a realistic reflection of the complexities of romantic love and how timing, circumstance and distant impacts relationships. The novel reflects the messiness of our lives and loves, our mistakes, regrets and how much of our own happiness we are willing to sacrifice for those we love most in the world, our children.

I read this novel in two nights because I became so invested in the characters. It’s a story about finding love, losing love and navigating everything in between. It’s a rollercoaster ride, just like relationships in real life.