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  • Dani Vee

Book Review: Tristan Bancks

Two Wolves, Tristian Bancks

Sometimes you open the very first page of a book and know you’re going to love it. Heart stopping action and suspense coupled with some pretty fierce emotions makes for an engaging read.

As I finished the first few chapters I thought how much I loved the protagonist Ben, however as the novel progressed his younger sister Olive became a firm favourite. Bancks has a way of making you feel each character’s pain and fear.

I loved the writing style which was both clean and sparse, and yet never short on conveying the character’s psychological development or emotional anxiety.

Two Wolves is a book about the actions we take, the paths we choose and finding out who we are despite what has happened before. It’s richly dark but sprinkled with hope and tenderness, especially between Ben and his sister Olive. The novel inspires the reader to reflect on how we might find our own moral compass even when we are powerless.