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  • Dani Vee

Christian White

The Nowhere Child

I read this novel in two nights, it's highly addictive and lovely to read. Besides a tight clean narrative the story has many clever twists and turns which will surprise even the most astute reader. White doesn’t rely on unbelievability, his novel is beautifully structured and well-thought out, foreshadowing events just enough to keep us intrigued.

We know that Sammy Went was taken, and we follow our protagonist Kim Leamy as she puts the pieces of a puzzle together that includes a history of cult-like religion, family secrets and personal shame. The characters are well drawn and are neither villains or victims but marred by their own experiences. You’ll

be pleasantly surprised by how the characters develop throughout.

If you’re afraid of snakes there is an excellent scene towards the end that will have you curled up on the lounge in fear.

The book focuses on so many important social issues such as religion, identity, shame, personal responsibility, fatherhood, homosexuality and above all love. A fast-paced, suspenseful and intriguing novel. I love the Author’s Notes at the end, make sure you read them!