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  • Mark Szulc

Book Review: Cally Black

In The Dark Spaces, Cally Black

In the latest episode Cally Black chats to Dani Vee about her extraordinary sci fi young adult novel In The Dark Spaces. An incredibly unique read. Kids will love it!

This book was unexpectedly weird and wonderful! The blurb on the back doesn’t give any real indication of what the book is about and I kind of liked the element of surprise. If you want that same element of surprise stop reading this review now.

A teenage girl kidnaped by an alien hive, what’s not to love about that? Beyond alien life forms and humans inhabiting space, the book brings up questions about humanity and how deeply alone we are because humanity focuses on acquiring money rather than nurturing their community.

However, even though the book centres around the complexity of alien life forms, it is a very human book focusing on the relationship between our protagonist and her baby cousin Gub. It’s a book about survival and how far we are willing to go to save the one’s we love, and finding our way back.

If love sci-fi or you’re after something original in the YA fiction genre this book is for you.