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  • Dani Vee

John Purcell

The Girl On The Page

The Girl On The Page is one of those novels that is impossible to put down. From the very first page where we meet Amy Winston, we are drawn into the story of this brazen, self-destructive but brilliant young woman who lives by her own rules. Combine her with literary greats Malcolm and Helen and we have an intriguing coupling of individuals struggling with integrity, shame, self-doubt and the reimagined pasts.

Heartbreaking, compelling and at times violent, the book encourages the reader to question what defines literature, and if there is a little bit of genius in deliberately writing for the masses. Purcell explores betrayal, integrity vs commercialism, and ageing in a world obsessed by youth and ideals of beauty.

Set in the publishing industry, the book conveys an intriguing insight into the world of literature and books.

John Purcell has written an magnificent page-turner with complex characters who are forced to explore the decisions they have made and suffer the consequences. The characters will remain with you long after you close the book.