February 2021 Reads

February 2021 brought such a wide variety of books my way. I hope you get a chance to read a few of these this month. Happy reading. Dani Vee x

The Nerd Herd written by Nathan Luff and illustrated by Chris Kennett is a fun-filled action packed picture book with illustrations that move across the page. Originally titled Wooly Bullies, this book advocates for the underdog and celebrates nerds and misfits. Read this one aloud to the kids, they’ll love it! On the podcast, with Nathan, Chris and kid lit cohost and children’s author Adrian Beck we not only chat about the book but have some fun with an interrupting Quote Goat and a quiz about the difference between llamas and alpacas.

Can You Do This? written by Michael Wagner & illustrated by Heath McKenzie is an adorable picture book featuring Tasmanian Devils, and is about a younger sibling feeling inferior to his older sibling. It’s a cute story with beautiful illustrations. On the podcast Adrian Beck puts me to the test, to see if I can guess each of their special talents. Who can put five of their toes in their mouth? Who can create a water pistol with their hands? Who can eat a BBQ shape from their forehead without using their hands? Perhaps you don’t want to know! There is also a one minute video clip available of one of their special talents.

How To Be An Author written by Georgia Richter and Deborah Hunn. This book published by Fremantle Press is an incredible resource for writers at any stage of the writing process. From the initial writing process, editing, submitting and all the all the way to how to create an audience, this is one book that should remain on your desk covered in post-it notes. This episode will form a part of a new series called ‘Inside Publishing’ starting soon.

The Schoolgirl Strangler written by Katherine Kovacic. Having loved Katherine’s previous work, the Alex Clayton mystery series, I was very interested to see how she would approach true crime. This book deals with some disturbing crimes but focuses on and honours the victims. If you love true crime, you’ll find this book a compelling read.

The Royal Correspondent written by Alexandra Joel. This interview was such a joy, as Alexandra and I found out we have many things in common. Alexandra’s previous book The Paris Model was a wonderful read about the power of women in war time. The Royal Correspondent did not disappoint with its daring heroine, gripping storyline and inclusion of art and fashion which is always reflective of the current social and political climate. In the podcast episode we also chat about gaslighting and domestic violence. A wonderful book and a great accompanying interview.

Infinite Splendours written by Sofie Laguna. This book is full of richly drawn characters and explores the impact of childhood trauma and what we take with us into adulthood. It is an incredibly sad story of a childhood undone, balanced by the beauty and healing of art. Sofie is an incredibly thoughtful writer who is driven by instinct and intuition. Sofie's interview will be featured as Words and Nerds' 300th episode in April.

Walking Your Human written by Liz Ledden and illustrated by Gabriella Petruso. A fun and unique picture book from a dog’s perspective on how humans live. The illustrations are beautiful and depict a plethora of different breeds of dogs. On the podcast, Liz and I chat about the magic of picture books and podcasting.

The Breaking written by Irma Gold. The first thing I noticed about this book was how beautifully written it is. The characters are also incredibly rich and layered and come alive on the page. It’s a book with a conscience, wearing this heart on its sleeve, while commenting on how we can make better choices in our lives.

The Moroccan Daughter written by Deborah Rodriguez takes us on an adventure to Morocco. The book explores culture, family, female friendships and finding your soulmate. In this podcast episode Deb and discuss what it means to find a platonic soulmate. Deb also confesses her experiences of public bathing and this research shaped the book.

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